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The Common Ingredient--LOVE

COLUMBIA, Missouri-- The website, www.thecommoningredient (psst: it's love!), was formed to help our neighbors with good food, comfort stories, and support. While I usually post an essay on my A Likely Story series, this was more pressing. I hope you'll take a look at the curated recipes, add one of your own, and consider donating as you can.

It's about making sure all of our neighbors can share a seat at the table, especially during these difficult times.

And everyone's efforts are making it work! As more and more people are adding to The Common Ingredient, the organizations we hope to help--The Food Bank, The Boys and Girls Club, Love Inc.-- are saying they are seeing an uptick in donations (there are convenient donation tabs that link directly to their websites on our platform). Hundreds of people are able to get needed food due to these organizations. We feel so happy to help them in their work.

And today, the wonderful Paul Pepper, hosted this episode of Pepper and Friends with team member Cathy Salter to explain our mission:

Would you take a look?

"My life is in your hands; yours in mine.

We are related in life and in death, at every moment: that’s always how it’s been. Now, it’s obvious and pressing."

These words are from the founder of Insight Dialogue, Gregory Kramer, and it fits our moment in history more than ever. "How far the heart can extend across time and space!"

Yours, in all of this,



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